Testimonials ForSusan Ullery

Regina Jasiewicz

We contacted Susan when we decided we wanted a different home. She listened to us and patiently showed us several homes. Although we rejected several, she was undeterred and remained very positive. Finally she talked us in to seeing a house that we had said we didn’t want to see. We didn’t like what we saw on the listing. Susan said we should at least look at it because she said it really had what we said we wanted. As we walked up to the house I thought that Susan was wrong about this house, that is, until we opened the door and walked in. Susan had it nailed. This house was totally awesome! It had everything we wanted and more. It was and still is a dream house. Susan had listened to us and man did she ever nail it! I will always be grateful to Susan for her patience and for her listening to us. She has sold me three homes and every one Has been prefect for that part of my life. Thanks cannot be adequately expressed in words. Someone who finds a building that is perfect as your home, plays a huge role in your life. Thank you Susan. If you want a realtor who listens to you, Susan is your logical choice!”